About Tchili Easy Learning

We are a Geneva-based non-profit association.

Our aim is to create and facilitate innovative learning experiences using sport as a medium to support the acquisition of subjects traditionally taught indoors. We work for the pleasure of learning in movement, for the prevention of school dropouts, for the return to education and for the support of continuing education and integration through physical activity and sport, if possible in a natural environment.

We offer weekly courses, week-end outing and camps mainly in the following fields:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Math

Our sports activities are J+S approved and our camps comply with the “Commitments for Quality Camps“. We also follow the ESPAS recommendations on prevention.

Our activities are lead by qualified professionals ( mountain guides/J+S monitors/educators/teachers) in both teaching and sports. They have many years’ experience working with children and young people and are chosen for capacity to provide a safe, stimulating, joyful training and learning environment.

This site is fully dedicated in giving you the possibility to enroll directly in one of our activities. Since we value personal data privacy by default,  you will find very little information and pictures here.

If you want to learn more about our organization you can find all the detail on these dedicated pages. To learn more either about specific information on our activities and our learning approches with children and teens, we invite you to read these pages. For some insight on past activity, have a look at our blog.