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GE-VisIci Rock Climbing Summer Camp

15 July 19 July

GE-VisIci Rock Climbing Summer Camp

GE-visIci Summer Camp
15/07/24 – 19/07/2024
7 to 11 and 12 to 16 ans years old
Day camp with one bivouac night
French while climbing
9 AM to 5 PM
Professional instructors
Salève, Jura, Vuache, Préalpes
317.90 – 550 CHF

Have fun and climb the cliffs! Take part in GE-visIci to enjoy climbing, live extraordinary adventures, make friends and facilitate the integration of your friends in a fun and playful context.

Information for the parent:

Safety and verticality: Your child will learn and practice safe climbing. He/she will learn to climb safely on the school cliffs, to develop good coordination and balance, to find holds and to read the route. He/she will learn to climb in second and lead in safety, to abseil, and if the weather is favorable, to take a big splash in the water!
Discovery and new experiences: As the days go by, your child will discover the richness of nature and the cliffs around Geneva. They’ll learn to differentiate between different rock types, and recognize the fauna (especially birds) and flora of the mountains – especially edible and medicinal plants. To round off the week, he/she will enjoy the unforgettable experience of a night’s bivouac in the mountains, while respecting the environment.
Developpe the pleasure of learning and moving!

Enjoying learning is important! Get moving too!
Before the camp, your child will receive audio training. This will enable him/her to familiarize him/herself with the vocabulary and key phrases used during the activities. During the various activities, through games, challenges and fun, your child will be encouraged to apply and develop what he or she has learned without realizing it, so that learning becomes a pleasure.
Your child will receive regular informal feedback before receiving a certificate of participation, to help him/her become more aware of his/her evolving skills, boost his/her self-confidence and transfer them to more formal learning.

Our team consists of qualified professionals (high-altitude mountain guides/J+S instructors/ pedagogues) in both teaching and sports. They have many years’ experience working with children and young people, and even though we know them well, we require the necessary criminal records for all our staff working with minors.

Our activities for children and young people are J+S approved.
We are also signatories to the “Commitments for Quality Camps“.
We follow the ESPAS recommendations on prevention.
Our organization is a member of Glaj-ge and Genève Montagne.

In order to prepare a quality environment for your child, to provide him/her with all the technical gear, and to be able to intervene if necessary, we will ask you to provide us with various information.

After enrolling, you will receive a form to complete.

As your child’s personal data, like your own, requires respect and security, this form does not store any data on this site, but sends it directly to our encrypted mailbox (protonmail).

We also invite you to choose an e-mail service that respects your privacy when sending your personal data.

Specifics of the GE-visIci program:

The GE-visIci program aims to facilitate learning French and integration through sport in mixed French-speaking and non French-speaking groups. It’s an opportunity for those learning French to practice it outside a school context. Thanks to the role-playing exercises and games we’ve created, and the “key expressions” audios on offer, progress is fast and fun.

You will:

  • communicate in French,
  • express yourself intuitively and simply during rock climbing days
  • remember activity-specific vocabulary
  • document your progress, both in climbing and in French, with stories and videos

The GE-visIci program is only accessible to children and teens living in the canton of Geneva.

Technical gear: supplied

Learning material: provided, our approach allows us to adapt to the level of the participant and to individualize the material according to their level.

Inclusive activity wherever possible. Our instructors have specific qualifications.

In the event of rain or weather incompatible with outdoor climbing: climbing in a private climbing gym and other activities compatible with the weather.

Pickup and meeting points:

Rte de Meyrin 171 | Chemin du Trèfle-Blanc
Vernier | Lancy, 1214 | 1212 Switzerland
12 August 2024
August 12 - August 16

Have fun and climb the cliffs around Geneva! Discover MataBloK'ids & Teens and enjoy rock climbing, extraordinary adventures, new friends..

367CHF – 550CHF
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