Minor participant’s form, authorizations and health information

To prepare for your child’s participation, offer a quality activity, provide the appropriate technical gear and be able to provide rapid intervention if necessary, please complete the following form:

    Participant's Information

    of the child

    of the child

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    eu (mondo for ski)

    Necessary, you can find it on the back of your insurance card


    Arrived in Geneva

    languages spoken by the child

    Child's phone if they have one

    More info

    name or email of the person who recommended enrolling in this activity

    Legal guardian's information

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    Data transmission consent
    *I agree that personal data marked with1,3, be transmitted to Jeunesse+Sport (J+S).Our activities are J+S approved, therefore we must transmit the data of J+S participants. If your child's condition requires additional qualified care, we must be able to justify it to J+S:

    *I agree that the personal data marked with 2, will be transmitted to my child's municipality of residence. For you to be eligible for a personal subsidy, we need to pass on this information to your municipality if it subsidizes camp participation:

    *I have read and accepted Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy:

    *I agree to my child's personal information, marked with 1 being sent to REGA to benefit from free insurance coverage:


    Legal guardian's full name

    Child's full name

    The legal guardian also declares:

    I release Tchili Easy Learning, its affiliated members and all other stakeholders from any responsibility in case of accident or any other harmful circumstance that could occur both in the mountains and during access to activities during transportation, leisure activities, training or other events.

    I hereby authorize Tchili Easy Learning, its activity leaders, trainers, instructors, etc., whether external or internal, to take all emergency measures (medical treatment, hospitalization, surgery) made necessary by the condition of my child mentioned above.

    I hereby authorize my child to be transported in a vehicle by the coaches, instructors, etc., external or internal, in Switzerland and abroad within the framework of leisure activities, courses, training courses and camps.

    I am aware of the risks involved in mountain activities, which require compliance with the safety instructions given by the activity leader or instructor.

    I have informed my child of the need to respect the instructions given by the activity coordinator or the instructor during the activities.

    I will respect the copyrights and not reproduce, distribute, copy, publish or transmit the educational materials provided by Tchili Easy Learning to my child and commit to have my child respect these copyrights according to the Tchili Easy Learning General Conditions and Rules.

    *Authorize my child to participate, under my supervision, in a closed discussion group on Signal (limited to the participants -through a parent- and the speakers) dedicated to the activity to facilitate the realization of a group educational work (realization of a logbook, a mini-article, an audio-visual support,...)
    *Agree that my child will respect the group's rules of communication:
    *Authorize my child to participate in the creation of video and audio recordings illustrating the learning process and to appear on them:
    *Ensure that my child does not publish photos and/or films without the consent of all concerned (facebook, youtube, tiktok, instagram, snapchat ...):
    *Authorize my child to leave the meeting point or course site unaccompanied. By ticking NO I accept that in the event of lateness on my part or on the part of the person picking up my child, I may be charged CHF 85 per new started hour for additional childcare time.

    *Authorize Tchili Easy Learning, its activity leaders, coaches, monitors, etc., external or internal, present during the activities to take photos or videos of my child that may be published by Tchili Easy Learning and its institutional partners (e.g. on the website, newsletter, articles, flyers):
    *I also authorize Tchili Easy Learning’s organizational partners and sponsors.

    of the person filling out this form

    of the person filling out this form

    mother, father, SW, SA, ...

    Name of the institution, the organization

    Health Information

    Including ASD, ADD(H), -Dys, ...

    with country code, e.g. +41798654321

    with country code, e.g. +41788654321

    with country code, e.g. +41228654321

    Personal data marked with 1 will be transmitted to Jeunesse+Sport (J+S). Our activities are J+S approved, therefore we must transmit this data. Personal data marked with 3 may be passed on to J+S if the child requires a higher level of qualified care and we have to justify this to J+S.
    Personal data marked with 1 might be transmitted to REGA if you agree to it in order to benefit from the free rescue assistance insurance REGA offers to our participants.
    Personal data marked with 2 might be transmitted to the participant’s commune of residence if you agree to it, in order to benefit from individual and personal quality camp participation subsidies.
    *For transmissions involving sending personal data (other than your e-mail address), we use an encrypted mailbox(protonmail) and store your data offline. We do this to maximize the confidentiality of your personal data, at least on our side.

    We also invite you to choose a data-friendly or encrypted e-mail service for sending your personal data.